The idea behind the initiative

A lot of people know „what art is“, but they understand it differently. What is contemporary art in Germany and which problems are artists faced with here? Migrant artists who have already been working in Germany can talk about their experience and give some advice. But the exchange of experiences is not enough. That’s why we’d like to invite experts such as art historians, art reviewers, managers who know well the mechanisms of the artistic world in Hamburg.

Through this project refugees will acquire knowledge which will help them to realize their potential as artists. Creativity itself is important. Only few people can gain high artistic positions. That’s why forming a circle of like-minded people for the exchange of ideas and experience is crucial. This group can function as a platform – for exchange, networking and in order to find long term artistic partners for future collaborations.

Practical realization:

Once a week (for round about 20 weeks) the group will come together. The program will consist of practical and theoretical lessons and discussions. As a result we will set up an exhibition, publication or performance.

List of similar art and training projects: