Refugee Innovation Challenge – Bewerbungsschluss 30. Juni 2016!!

Ihr wollt selbst ein Sozialunternehmen aufbauen? Hier bekommt ihr das nötige Werkzeug an die Hand!

Der Refugee Innovation Challenge ist ein intensives zwölfwöchiges Programm für Menschen, die – in gemischten Teams (Geflüchtete und Locals) – einen innovativen Beitrag zur Lösung der Herausforderungen, die durch Massenimmigration entstehen, entwickeln wollen. Diese Ideen sollen in neue Initiativen, Vereine oder soziale Unternehmungen münden.

Die Teilnehmer/innen müssen entweder Englisch oder Deutsch beherrschen und vom 25. Juli bis zum 14. Oktober 2016 mindestens 20 Stunden die Woche (besser mehr) an ihren Projekten arbeiten. Sie werden dann von den Coaches persönlich Schritt für Schritt in der Entwicklung ihres Sozialunternehmens begleitet.

Hier könnt ihr den Call for Applications herunterladen.

There is no better way to learn how to build a social enterprise than to build a social enterprise.

In a 12-week program we guide you through the transformative process of identifying a specific challenge in the context of mass migration and develop an innovative, impacting and scalable solution around it.

20 participants from diverse backgrounds will receive hands-on step-by-step support to come up with practical solutions.


After the Refugee Innovation Challenge you will

  • Have developed and tested a working solution for a pressing problem in the context of the refugee crisis
  • Have created a job for yourself to work fulltime on the implementation and scaling of your solution
  • Have built a network of people and organisations who support social entrepreneurs
  • Join one of our partner programs for ongoing support if needed
  • Master a structured approach that combines a set of tools you can use to create solutions to problems
  • Have radically changed the way you look at the world: confidently seeking solutions instead of complaining about problems
  • Inspire others to follow your path.

The Methodology

The process is designed to accelerate your learning by keeping you focused on the essentials so that you have a steep learning curve and build something that truly makes a difference. It is based on state-of-the-art methods such as Design Thinking, The Lean Start Up and the Business Model Canvas.

At the end of the 12 weeks you will be presenting your results to experts and stakeholders with the goal to raise the necessary support to take your solution to the next level.

What differentiates this program from other incubation programs?

  • We apply a very clear and structured methodological process with step-by-step guidance
  • We focus on first time social entrepreneurs
  • You can participate without a specific idea in mind
  • You receive technical hands-on support to build your prototype
  • We integrate building viable social enterprises with personal growth.

This program is for you if you

  • Want to make a difference in your world
  • Would like to build solutions in the context of the refugee crisis
  • Are totally convinced that you will make a difference, or
  • Are not sure if you can really make a difference
  • Don’t have a clear idea what you can do to help, or
  • Have an initial idea or project but it has not really taken off yet
  • Can commit at least 20 hours per week for the 12 weeks of the Refugee Innovation Challenge
  • Want to build a sustainable initiative beyond the Challenge
  • Speak English or German