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Staatssekretariat für Migration (SEM), Abteilung Analysen und Services: EASO-Bericht über Herkunftsländer-Informationen. Länderfokus Eritrea, Mai 2015 (PDF)

Spiegel Online (2016), “Questionable Deal: EU to Work with African Despot to Keep Refugees out”, 13. Mai 2016, www.spiegel.de/international/world/eu-to-work-withdespot-in-sudan-to-keep-refugees-out-a-1092328.html

Nicole Hirt

Hier finden Sie alle Publikationen von Nicole Hirt, darunter Hirt, Nicole (2016): Flüchtlinge aus Eritrea: Spielball europäischer Interessen, GIGA Focus Afrika, 02/2016, Hamburg: GIGA

Hirt, Nicole (2015), The Eritrean Diaspora and its Impact on Regime Stability: Responses to UN Sanctions, in: African Affairs, 114, 454, pp. 115-135.

Hirt, Nicole und Abdulkader Saleh Mohammad (2013), ‘Dreams Don’t Come True in Eritrea’: Anomie and Family Disintegration due to the Structural Militarisation of Society, in: Journal of Modern African Studies, 51, 1, pp. 139-168.

Dan Connell – Researcher, Writer, Photographer

Bücher und Artikel von Dan Connell, u.a.: „Caught in the Crossfire of Climate and Politics: The Eritrean Afars in Ethiopia“. Middle East Report, No. 277 (Winter 2016)

Dan Connell is a Visiting Scholar at Boston University’s African Studies Center and a retired senior lecturer in journalism and African politics at Simmons College. His work focuses mainly on Eritrea, but it has ranged across Africa and the Middle East to Central America and the Philippines. The cross-cutting themes are democracy, development and social justice and the indispensable linkage among them. He has written numerous books and articles, and he founded and directed two NGOs. His current research and writing focus is refugee flows out of Eritrea. This site sketches his output.

(Quelle: www.danconnell.net)


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Naher Osten

Hrsg.: bpb: Informationen zur politischen Bildung (Heft 331): Naher Osten. Dezember 2016, Bonn.


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